Online Championships

TVShow-1 has five parts. Half Print Giant Alphabet, Half Read Num-
bers, Half Read Printed a-m Words, Half Read Printed n-z Words, and
Half Write Giant Alphabet. The totals page includes these 5 times and
and Total of five combined times. Click here for free-for-now TVShow-1.

Half apps are used to fit inside the 30 minute TV format and let
most people finish all five apps during the show without hand cramps.

Buy complete Print Giant Alphabet (PrintAlf) here. Buy complete Read-2
(Numbers) here. Complete Read-3 (Words about-my) here. Complete Read-
4 (Words never-zero) here. Complete Write Giant Alphabet (WriteAlf) here.

Pick Sequence-A for all five contests. You can see 5 A's in the photo.

Contestants should practice TVShow-1's five parts. To enter on
any Saturday, take a photo of contestant's face and totals screen
that looks like this. Make sure everyone can read all 6 numbers.

On Saturday tweet:
#JoeyDots, tv1, city#, TVShow-1 Total, photo.

Use Twitter advanced search on Sunday to see how you compare with
people in your area. Type in this exact phrase: #JoeyDots, TV1, city#.

Please keep your twitter accounts public.
Don't annoy twitter. Their algorythms can make all your tweets invisible.

Contests can be discontinued at any time for any reason. Not the fastest?
Practice and enter again next Saturday. Kids/adults of all ages can compete.

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