Does your kid write like a baby?
Slow? Ugly words you can't read?

My name is Joe Martyniuk (mart-nick). I invented a way to turn student's
phones/tablets with Android into practice tablets. To teach kids/adults to
print and write letters, numbers, words, and names with timed, interactive
workouts. Students put a finger or pen directly on the screen over the first
square JoeyDot. Then students draw a line to the next JoeyDot, and to the
next Joeydot, until a letter/number is finished. Its a process called connect-
ing the JoeyDots. The device waits for, and then goes as fast as the student.

We have three sizes of letters; giant, medium, and tiny for two reasons.
First, to make sure at least one size will run on a student's phone/tablet.
Second, to build skills starting with giant size letters for beginners, then
medium size letters for intermediate students, tiny for advanced students.
Try each size. Return to Google in an hour for refund if it doesn't work.

This is a very good way to build hand/eye coordination and muscle memory.
I believe but can't prove learning to write letters helps students learn to read.
Fruit rejected my apps so no fruit apps. Apps only for devices with Android.
The Totals page in each app lists the fastest time of all time until you reset it.
Apps are timed, so find out who's faster, you/your kid. Attend tournaments.
I want to make academic sports as much fun and exciting as athletic sports.

Parents/grandparents buy/wear this button.
Then when your kid beats you, buy your kid
their own 1" Writing Champion button.

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JoeyDots apps collect, use and share NO user data.