Who's Faster?
You, your team, or other individuals
or teams of two or more players?

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to pin on hats, coats, and shirts.

Team-1 has giant PrintAlf, Read-2 (numbers), Read-3 (printed
a-m words), Read-4 (printed n-z words), giant WriteAlf, Total.
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Team-2 has (giant) PrintAlf, Print giant a-m words, Read-3
(a-m words), Print giant n-z words, Read-4 (n-z words), Total.
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Team-3 has (giant) WriteAlf, Write giant a-m words, Read-21
(a-m words), Write giant n-z words, Read-22 (n-z words), Total.
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Team-4 has Read-5, Read-6, Read-7, Read-8, Read-9, Total.
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Team-5 has Read-10, Read-11, Read-12, Read-13, Read-14, Total.
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Team-6 math (giant) PrintNums, Read-2 (numbers), Read-16
(math words-1), Read-17 (math-2), Read-18 (math-3), Total.
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Team-7 has (medium sized) Print/Write Alf, Print a-m Words,
Print n-z Words, Write a-m Words, Write n-z Words, Total.
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Team-8 ReadNums, MathAdd, Sub, Mult, Div, Total.
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Team-9 Read PrintedAlf, Spell-1, Spell-2, Spell-3, Spell-4, Total.
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Team-10 Read WrittenAlf, Spell-5, Spell-6, Spell-7, Spell-8, Total.
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