Who's Faster?
You, your team, or other individuals
or teams of two or more players?

Try app right away to make sure it works right. If not,
return within 15 minutes to Google Play for full refund.

Team-1 has giant PrintAlf, Read-2 (numbers), Read-3 (printed
a-m words), Read-4 (printed n-z words), giant WriteAlf, Total.
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Team-2 has (giant) PrintAlf, Print giant a-m words, Read-3
(a-m words), Print giant n-z words, Read-4 (n-z words), Total.
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Team-3 has (giant) WriteAlf, Write giant a-m words, Read-21
(a-m words), Write giant n-z words, Read-22 (n-z words), Total.
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Team-4 has Read-5, Read-6, Read-7, Read-8, Read-9, Total.
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Team-5 has Read-10, Read-11, Read-12, Read-13, Read-14, Total.
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Team-6 math (giant) PrintNums, Read-2 (numbers), Read-16
(math words-1), Read-17 (math-2), Read-18 (math-3), Total.
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Team-7 has (medium sized) Print/Write Alf, Print a-m Words,
Print n-z Words, Write a-m Words, Write n-z Words, Total.
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Team-8 ReadNums, MathAdd, Sub, Mult, Div, Total.
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Team-9 Read PrintedAlf, Spell-1, Spell-2, Spell-3, Spell-4, Total.
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Team-10 Read WrittenAlf, Spell-5, Spell-6, Spell-7, Spell-8, Total.
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