Parents-Kids Get Free
Reading, Printing, Cursive
Writing Letters, Numbers and
Words TVShow-1 Pilot Tickets

The free TVShow-1 app has half PrintAlf, Read-2 (numbers), Read-3
(printed a-m words), Read-4 (printed n-z words), WriteAlf, Total.

Click here for free copy of TVShow-1 for devices with Android.

Click here to see TVShow-1 format.

You and your child practice all five sections. Take photo of total screen
showing the contestant's face too. Email that photo, total, half printalf
total, half writealf total, contestant's name, school name and zipcode to We will email you the time and place of the
pilot to confirm requests when we have enough interest to make pilot.

1028.278, 162.704, 200.216, Joe, Fargo, 60106

Kids and adults can enter. Let's make academic sports as much fun and
exciting as athletic sports. $20 tickets for regular shows will go on sale soon.

Win Bragging Rights, Trophies,
Buttons, Face and Name Time,

Click here to see Chicago's TVShow-1 pilot flyer.