JoeyDots TV Game Shows With On-Site Participants

Where everyone in the audience can be a contestant.

I want to make academic sports as much fun and exciting as athletic
sports. JoeyDots Racing apps are used to turn devices with Android
into digital sports stadiums. Kids and adults can compete against each
other printing, cursive writing, reading my timed, inter-active, academ-
ic sports apps. First find out who's faster, you, your kid, sister/brother.

Then after kid can beat you, enter local and national TV Game Shows.
Children and adults of all ages can compete in all my TV Game Shows.
We will start in Chicago and add shows/contests in other cities later.
1,000 contestants weekly in large cities, 200/month in smaller cities.

Printing/writing contestants put pen directly on the screen over the first
square JoeyDot. Then contestants draw a line to the next JoeyDot, and the
next Joeydot, until a letter/number is finished. Its a process called connect-
ing the JoeyDots. Reading contestants see, hear, and tap on word/number.

TVShows use half apps to fit inside the 30 minute TV format and let
most people finish all five apps during the show without hand cramps.

TVShow-1 has half giant PrintAlf, Read-2 (numbers), Read-3
(printed a-m words), Read-4 (printed n-z words), giant WriteAlf,
Total. Free-for-now TVShow-1 here. See TVShow-1 format here.

TVShow-2 has half (giant) PrintAlf, Print giant a-m words,
Read-3 (a-m words), Print giant n-z words, Read-4 (n-z words),
Total. Free-for-now TVShow-2 here. See TVShow-2 format here.

TVShow-3 has half (giant) WriteAlf, Write giant a-m words, Read-
21 (a-m words), Write giant n-z words, Read-22 (n-z words),
Total. Free-for-now TVShow-3 here.. See TVShow-3 format here.

TVShow-4 has half Read-5, Read-6, Read-7, Read-8, Read-9,
Total. Free-for-now TVShow-4 here. TVShow-4 format here.

TVShow-5 has half Read-10, Read-11, Read-12, Read-13, Read-14,
Total. Free-for-now TVShow-5 here. TVShow-5 format here.

TVShow-6 math has half (giant) PrintNums, Read-2 (numbers),
Read-16 (math words-1), Read-17 (math-2), Read-18 (math-3),
Total. Free-for-now TVShow-6 here. TVShow-6 format here.

TVShow-7 has half (medium sized) Print/Write Alf, Print a-m
Words, Print n-z Words, Write a-m Words, Write n-z Words,
Total. Free-for-now TVShow-7 here. TVShow-7 format here.

TVShow-8 half ReadNums, MathAdd, MathSub, MathMult, Math
Div, Total. Free-for-now TVShow-8 here. TVShow-8 format here.

TVShow-9 half Read PrintAlf, Spell-1, Spell-2, Spell-3, Spell-4,
Total. Free-for-now TVShow-9 here. TVShow-9 format here.

TVShow-10 half Read WriteAlf, Spell-5, Spell-6, Spell-7, Spell-8,
Total. Free-for-now TVShow-10 here. TVShow-10 format here.


Fruit rejected my apps so no fruit apps.
Apps only for devices with Android.